Git is the version control software we using for managing all our project.  We like to use Gitlab CE a hosted solution for all our internal developers.

A  developers asked how to remove a branch off my local computer and remote repository and forgot the commands.

This is what you would to….

Make sure you’re in the project directory of course.

First delete the branch locally

$ git branch -d mytest

If that didn’t work or there are pending changes, you may need to force, you can issue a delete and force at the same time by using -D

$ git branch -D mytest

Next to remove from your origin

$ git push origin --delete mytest 

Older versions of git before 1.7, do it by pushing a branch, by adding the : in front of the branch name.

$ git push origin :mytest 

Then other developers would issue

$ git fetch --all --prune

To update and remove the branch on their local environment.

These command works on both Linux and my local OSX desktop workstation.  They are pretty universal as long as your using Git software.