We use ZNC server for an internal IRC channel for chatting between staff members.  The nice thing about znc is that when you log back in it gives you the last 1000 buffer lines so you don’t miss anything while offline.

We’re running ZNC server 1.2, and we haven’t upgraded to 1.6 yet.

The issue I’m getting is when I create a new user, and the user goes to sign on they are getting rejected by Freenode IRC server.  This is the error

Error from Server [Closing Link: 8a.7a.d8a2.static.example.com (Invalid username [~jonathan.])]

I tried to recreate user form the web interface and then again using znc commands, both failed.

One thing i did notice when doing a UserList the ~jonthan is an ident not actual username.  The users ident was set to his email address.

So, I deleted the user one more time, cloned it from a working znc user configuration, updated the Realname, Nick, AltNick, and Ident.  After cloning then user was showing up as an AltNick for the user who I cloned from, thats right, since I cloned and that nick was used before I updated the configuration.

So I connected as that user, then issued a disconnect and connect

/msg *status disconnect
/msg *status connect

Now back to the same error message again, but logged in as the correct user.

I noticed when i did a

listnicks ##mychannel

I saw that everything was ~ and 9 chars, like the error message ~jonathan.

So, now I had an idea, lets try changing the users email.  I then updated the users ident to be an alternative email address. Something that looked more unique, and then disconnect and reconnected.

/msg *controlpanel set ident JonathanXXXXX jxxxx@example.com

The back to the test login

/msg *status disconnect
/msg *status connect

Now that did it, the user was logged in to IRC and now connected to the correct channels without the error message again.

Spend hours trying to see where I had the settings wrong on ZNC, looks like it all came down to the ident.

Hope this save your some time.