There was a client recently who couldn’t log into SolusVM panel to manage their VPS.  They opened a ticket and said they were blacklisted.  One of the techs looked around but couldn’t find a direct ban or unban option in SolusVM.

We’re running:
CentOS 7.1
SolusVM 1.20.01

To reproduce this problem, if a user has 5 failed login attempts their account will be blacklisted for 15 minutes. The user will get a message when attmpting to login

Blacklisted. Access denied

You’ll need to login as your SolusVM administrator and flush the IP ban.

To correct this issue

Login to our SolusVM admin control panel

Select Logs > Authentication Log

Then Delete All entries

This will remove all IPs and flush the blacklisted information, and the user can login again.